Add bootstrap to Angular 7

How To Add Bootstrap To Angular 7

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to add bootstrap to Angular 7. Let’s get started by creating an Angular 7 app using the angular cli.

Creating Angular 7 App

Start by installing the Angular CLI using npm.

// install angular cli
npm install -g @angular/cli

Once you have the Angular CLI installed, create an Angular app using the Angular CLI.

// install angular app
ng new angular-app

The above command creates an Angular boilerplate project.

Add Bootstrap to Angular 7

In order to add bootstrap to Angular 7 you need to install bootstrap and jQuery using npm.

// install jquery and bootstrap
npm install bootstrap jquery

Once bootstrap has been installed, you need to include the bootstrap script and style references in the angular.json under architect -> build key.

"styles": [
            "scripts": [

Save the above changes and you should be able to use bootstrap in the Angular app.


In this tutorial, you learnt how to add bootstrap to Angular 7.

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